Friday, July 29, 2005

Hackett's Wingnut Opponent On Hardball

Oh, good heavens, why did I watch "Hardball" right before I needed to go to bed?

Poor David Gregory, filling in for Chris Matthews, did his best to hold his own with Jean Schmidt, the raving, right-wing nut running against Paul Hackett in Ohio's second congressional district.

With the election just four days away, Schmidt was like a harsh, robotic GOP talking-points machine.

When asked by Gregory about Hackett calling President Bush a "chickenhawk," Schmidt said "Folks in this district are calling those fighting words and they're going to be there for me on August 2.... We're still Red for our president."

On Hackett's political views: "He's espousing the same liberal Democratic rhetoric as Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy." How did she leave out Jane Fonda and Michael Moore? The RNC must be sleeping on the job.

Finally, her deep thoughts on the situation in Iraq: "We know we're on the right track in Iraq and we need to stay the course."

I'm sending a few bucks to Paul Hackett tonight. He's got to throw a big bucket of water on this witch on Tuesday.