Friday, July 15, 2005

Political Thoughts From A Rural Saloon

As a follow-up to the piece yesterday on my unscientific political poll of people in my hometown's saloon, I have some comments from the folks back home. Some will be exactly what you would expect from a state that votes consistently Republican:
"He (Bush) does the best he can do with the press on his butt all the time." (Hayden, 53)

"I just can't vote for a Democrat as long as they're for abortion and them gay people." (Mike, 24)

"I trust Bush to keep us strong – I'd vote for him again." (Don, 46)

Despite almost total ignorance on the non-relationship between Iraq and September 11, people in my hometown are generally uneasy about the war:
"We need to bring them boys home. Enough already" (Lisa, 36)

"What the hell are they doing over there other than getting blown up?" (Harriet, 63)

"I don't give a damn about Iraq – I just want them to catch Bin Laden." (Tony, 30)

And some people almost made me weep with the sheer disgust they feel toward Bush and his crew.
"I know not a damn one of 'em (in the Bush administration) has served in the military, but they're always willing to send poor farm kids to die." (Karen, 41)

"Bush is a f___ing idiot. I can't believe I voted for him the first time." (George, 36)

"I didn't vote for Clinton, but at least you had the feeling he knew what he was doing. Bush is just clueless." (Marie, 54)

So there you have it. While I don't think my hometown will be acquiring the voting habits of New York City or San Francisco any time soon, it's encouraging to see more people than I expected with serious reservations about this president and his administration.

I think DNC Chairman Howard Dean may be on to something with his 50-state strategy.