Monday, September 19, 2005

Bush Appeals To God In Radio Address

It's always good to know that the CEO of the federal government has a firm grip on our nation's resources and what it takes to get things done. Here's President Bush in his weekly radio address/sermon on Saturday:
"We ask God's comfort for the men and women who have suffered so much. We pray that the missing find safe return, and those who were lost find holy rest. And we [seek] the strength of the Almighty for the difficult work that lies ahead. In the life of our nation we have seen that wondrous things are possible when we act with God's grace."
No, President Bush, we have seen what is possible when we act with true compassion, commitment and competence. God's not going to do a lot of good when we have a president assigning unqualified political cronies to key positions in emergency-management capacities.

God didn't step in to deliver drinking water, food and medical supplies to the tens of thousands of people stranded at the Louisiana Superdome, Mr. President – that was your job.