Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Forrester Slimes Corzine With Faux Democrats

Well, the sewage has really begun to hit the fan in the New Jersey Gubernatorial race between Democrat Jon Corzine – currently one of the state's U.S. Senators – and Republican Doug Forrester. It seems Forrester turned over just enough rocks and found a handful of alleged Democrats willing to be in a television ad implying that Corzine is the source of "corruption" in the state. This is despite the fact that Corzine has never been in New Jersey state government.

A New Jersey coworker told me about the ad and I found it proudly displayed on Forrester's web site. It features faux Democrats – even if they're registered, they're not real Democrats – belly-aching about corruption, implying that it's the fault of Democrats and pledging their troth to Mr. Forrester. Here's how the subtle smear unfolds:

Jose Falto: "I voted for Democrats almost all my life, but not this time."

Dierdre Berry: "I'm a Democrat and I am fed up."

Dave McGraw: "The corruption is out of control."

John Romanick: "It is pathetic."

Karen Maxim: "It's hurting our schools."

[Voiceover]: "The corruption is causing higher property taxes."

Frank Scarafile: "Enough is enough."

John Romanick: "The people of New Jersey, we deserve better."

Melissa Morales: "It's time for a change in New Jersey."

Frank Scarafile: "Only Doug Forrester has the honesty and integrity to fix things."

[Voiceover] "I'm a Democrat who's voting for Doug Forrester."

Clearly Forrester is desperate. Corzine is loaded up with big endorsements, including, the AFL-CIO, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the Latino Leadership Alliance, the Probation Officers Association, the New Jersey Education Association, the United Auto Workers, New Jersey Citizen Action, the Communications Workers of America and NARAL Pro-Choice.

If you really comb through Forrester's web site you'll find that he's endorsed by some outfit called the National Federation of Independent Business. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Hey, Forrester couldn't beat Frank Lautenberg in the 2002 U.S. Senate race, despite outspending him $10 million to $3 million. So I guess it's his strategy this time to find some Zell-Miller types slimy enough to do his bidding for him, while smearing Jon Corzine for the crime of being a Democrat.

And, if any of the people in this commercial ever actually were Democrats, I hope the turncoats enjoy their new home in the Republican party.