Friday, September 16, 2005

Yellow Dog Blog Reader Numbers -- And Thanks

The Yellow Dog Blog debuted on February 21 of this year with a post on Howard Dean's election as DNC chair and, I'm guessing, readership of me, my wife and a couple of loyal friends. Since then, through hard work, unlimited indignation and the generosity of many, much-bigger bloggers, this site has grown at a degree that has surprised even me.

While I did not start tracking readership with Sitemeter until June 18 – probably because I didn't want to get discouraged with the natural, blog-growth process – I do know how many visitors I've had since that day.

Today, at about 1:10 PM EDT, reader number 100,000 wandered into the Dog's house.

I also recently stumbled across this cool feature in Sitemeter that allows mapping of blog visitors. Here's the U.S. locations for active Yellow Dog Blog readers at one point Wednesday afternoon:

(It almost always ends up looking a bit like a blue-state map, but I usually get pretty good coverage in Florida and Texas as well. And I may even have a reader or two in my home state of Nebraska -- but it wouldn't be more than one or two out in Bush Country!)

This is a nice note on which to start the weekend. I've written some things this week that have made conservatives dislike me even more – now that's "mission accomplished"! – which makes the support of the rest of you even more gratifying.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a good weekend.