Monday, December 05, 2005

Ingrate Yellow Dog is Weblog Award Finalist

OK, while I did indeed ask you guys to go out and suggest me as a nominee for the 2005 Weblog Awards, I didn't think I would actually become a finalist. According to the sponsors, they get hundreds of nominees in each category and then whittle it down to 15 finalists – and the Yellow Dog Blog is one of those in the Best New Blog category.

Now, believe me, having such a new site and already being considered for an award of any kind has me more excited than Dick Cheney at a torture convention. But there's something that seems kind of funny about this....

Maybe it's that the awards are sponsored by conservative blog, WizBang. Maybe it's that the finalists for political blogs appear to be tilted toward the conservative side. Or maybe it's that, of the 15 finalists for Best New Blog, the only ones to the left of Grover Norquist are my buddy Trish Wilson, me and, perhaps, Performancing, a site devoted to weblog design.

Also, as I go to some of the conservative sites that have been nominated – across all categories – I get disgusted just looking at their content and there's something about the friendly-competition aspect of this that smells too much like "playing nice" for my tastes. I don't play with the other side at all, much less nice.

Finally, AMERICAblog and Crooks and Liars were not even nominated for Best Blog and, as of this moment, that no-talent seahag Michelle Malkin leads both Atrios and Talking Points Memo in that category by a five-to-one margin – enough said, on all counts.

So my take on this is to not take it very seriously... Go there and vote for me, unless you have something more important to do, like sort your sock drawer or watch Cabin Boy for the third time.

Meanwhile, here's my Weblog Awards predictions:

  • Most of my African-American readers will be asked to authenticate at the awards site four times and, after that, will wait hours for the voting screen to be rendered.
  • My conservative opponents will attempt to distract voters by invoking "defense of marriage" as the primary issue in this race.
  • The Yellow Dog Blog will edge out Wuzzadem by one vote. It will then be decided that many of my votes should not count and I will be dropped to fourteenth or fifteenth place.
  • The eventual right-wing winner will accuse the Yellow Dog Blog of wanting to recount and recount "until they get the results that they want."
  • A spokesman for the Weblog Awards will refuse to comment on any of this, citing "an ongoing investigation."
I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin...