Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More on Bush's December PR Offensive

When you're a blogger forced to have a day job, you can't write about everything and it helps to have smart friends.

Here's the wonderful Taylor Marsh, giving a good wrap-up of George W. Bush's December PR offensive on the Iraq war.
Terror Guy was on full defense mode. Re-arguing the reason we got into Iraq. Whenever you argue a point from the past, trying to once again make your case, you know you've already lost the argument.

He came to discuss "victory on the war on terror." Insert 9/11 reference here. But today he wanted to talk about why we went into Iraq. When he said that, I waited with anticipation for the latest p.r. Bush push on preemption.

Again, two more references of 9/11 were inserted as to why we went into Iraq. Another reference to 9/11, as he began to rationalize his war on Saddam Hussein.

It helped that he was speaking at the Woodrow Wilson center, where neocons rule and common sense is often absent.
Go here, if you want to read the latest speech in its agonizing entirety – with the words "September 11" coming, as usual, less than 60 seconds into the speech.

But you'll learn more and have more fun if you read the rest of Taylor's commentary at her site.