Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mr. Geiger, Your Swift Boat is Ready...

When my little boy was about three years old, he got mad at me for some horrible grievance (like putting him to bed or something) and called me "Daddy Poopyhead." When I look at the reaction I've gotten from some of the members of the right-wing blogging cesspool since the start of the Weblog Awards, I get a little misty-eyed thinking of my little tyke in those days. It just evokes those memories of dealing with a truculent toddler. Good times, good times.

In the last 48 hours, I've had two of my competitors for Best New Blog attack me (and my site ) and they've even issued a "fatwa" against the Yellow Dog Blog.

Boy, being wrong about everything and so painfully out of step with mainstream America makes them touchy, doesn't it?

A fellow blogger, rife with sarcasm, asked me an interesting question earlier today: "Given how hard they're driving to the hoop against you now, imagine how these little conservative pukes would come after you if they knew you're a decorated Veteran."

That's true. I mean, if these love-it-or-leave-it frauds go after John Murtha, Max Cleland and John Kerry the way they do – and each of those men has more medals/ribbons than me – imagine how they'll try to smear my service and trash my loyalty to country with this information.

I can hear the swift boat engines revving already... Of course, I can imagine it because I've actually been on a swift boat before – unlike the majority of this chickenhawk lot. And, as we know from watching the actions of the Bush administration, the gulf between their bogus words of affection for Vets and their actions and policies is very wide indeed.

Anyway, here's what this Hemingwayesque crew has come up with so far:

From basil's blog, we have alternating pictures of the Yellow Dog Blog logo, with pictures of Cheech and Chong, like so:

"Unh, dunno. Look like dog shit."

And he's nice enough to link the words "dog shit" to this blog. Tell me this guy isn't entertaining scores of lucrative book deals right now.

Vinnie at The Jawa Report says to "...vote for anyone but that bleatasticfucktard." Wow. Why can't I write like these guys?

WuzzaDem has a sidebar picture of Tom DeLay flipping off the camera and the caption "Hey, Dog Breath, this one's for you."

"I don't care who you vote for...Wait, that's a lie, I want you to vote for me, but please go vote for someone other than this Dog-breath guy (no offense to dog breath)," writes this future Pulitzer nominee.

Yes, I know, I'm sending traffic their way simply by linking to them here – but let's not play the withholding-link game with these cretins. It's important that you see what kind of people we're dealing with so you never question why we don't reach across the aisle any longer.

Finally, if it tells you anything about the worth of winning a Weblog Award, basil's blog and WuzzaDem are among the 15 finalists for Best New Blog – enough said.