Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ooooh. Yellow Dog Making Conservative Bloggers Mad!

Hey, whatever happened to the "compassionate conservatism" we've all heard so much about? I no sooner write a post in which I express my disgust at the editorial content of most conservative sites – gee, there's a surprise -- and one of my opponents for Best New Blog in the Weblog Awards, comes after me with every bit of vitriol his limited vocabulary can muster.

Calling me a "jackass" and "this Dog-breath guy," my new friend at WuzzaDem.com urges people to vote for anyone but me.

Ouch. There goes a good night's sleep for me.

While I'm sure this guy will finish ahead of me – given that I don't care about this award, he's putting forth an embarrassing display of begging for votes and this is a conservative-sponsored contest – it must irk him that, even at this early stage of the game, I'm the leader.

As Chris Matthews might say, "Ha!"

Blogspot, which The Yellow Dog Blog uses, has been down for hours tonight (FuzzyWuzzyDem uses something else) so I'm hopeful this has given him the chance to level the playing field in true Republican style and catch up.