Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Vice President’s Disingenuous Remarks

Here’s Vice President Dick Cheney speaking to – surprise! -- a hand-picked military audience at Fort Drum, NY yesterday and once again spearheading the cause of misdirection by the Republican party.

“When we were attacked on a terrible September morning four years ago, President Bush said that the struggle would be long and difficult, and would require our best effort and unfailing resolve,” said Cheney.

Fair enough. So what happened to that resolve? Why did we invade a country that posed no threat to us and had nothing to do with the attacks of September 11? Why have we spent $250 billion and lost over 2,100 of our brave military men and women in Iraq, when we could have had a fraction of those costs by going after Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda throughout the world?

Cheney goes on to try again to link Iraq to 9/11 by saying this: “Believing they could strike us with impunity and that they change U.S. policy, they attacked us on 9/11 here in the Homeland and killed 3,000 Americans. Now they're making a stand in Iraq.”

But it wasn’t Iraqis who attacked us that day, Mr. Cheney. Actually, it was mostly Saudi nationals – but you wouldn’t want to take that up with the Saudi Royal Family, would you? Talk about a fast way to shut off the money spigot.

I can’t wait for either Bush or Cheney to actually go out in public with one of these speeches, without the custom-made, loyalty-oath crowds they always entertain. Let’s see how many applause lines they would have then.