Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Want To Do Something Important? Hint: It’s Not The Weblog Awards

I want to make something clear on the subject of these Weblog Awards that people seem to be getting so caught up with: I do not care if I win in the Best New Blog category.

I thank all of you who have supported me and, as of this moment, who have me in the lead over a field overwhelmed with conservative finalists. Right-wing blog, WizBang, sponsors these awards and you can see it in the finalists selected. How the hell I slipped under that fence, I’ll never know.

But here’s the deal: I’ve seen some of you coming to my defense on the right-wing blogs where the Yellow Dog Blog is being attacked and, while I am touched and appreciative, I would rather you not waste your time doing this. For people like us, winning a war of words with a conservative is a hollow victory, similar to me walking into an old-folks home and winning the 80-and-up, arm-wrestling championship. Yes, I won, but what does it mean? Don’t waste your time with these people.

Want to really piss them off and have an impact? Go to one of these sites and find a way to help take back the House and the Senate in 2006:
Help get Democrats in office and remove the GOP – that’s getting something done. Besides, how do you follow-up on intellectually destroying a conservative? Beat up a five-year-old? Steal a blind man’s cane? There’s just no point.

As to these particular awards, vote for me if you like, don’t vote for me – whatever. These awards are so flawed in how the finalists are chosen and, when you look at some of the sites nominated, it’s hardly a compliment to be in their company. There isn’t a conservative nominated for Best New Blog who can carry the metaphorical jock of Moxiegrrrl, Taylor Marsh or Pensito Review and you don’t see them in the running.

Finally, these “awards” will be won by whomever spends the most time and effort pleading with people to go vote for them – and some of the lobbying by my competitors is downright pathetic – so what would a victory really mean?

Hey, at least I have the comfort of knowing that there’s no way I’ll be nominated next year. And, unless a compelling reason to do otherwise comes up, I've said all I have to say about this pointless contest.