Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Announcing: Wait! Don't Move to Canada!

I had the pleasure of attending the book-release party on Monday night in Manhattan for Bill Scher's excellent new book, Wait! Don't Move To Canada! and had a tremendous time.

In addition to being a top-notch political mind and an all-around great guy, Bill is a wonderful writer -- if his is not on your daily-visit list, it should be -- and this book, as the title implies, spells out how it's not too late to save our country and provides simple, concrete steps we can all take to snatch America back from the true evil-doers in the Republican party.

As the book jacket suggests, Bill's book is an outstanding "step-by-step plan to rally support for a better, more effective, and more liberal vision of government" and is such an easy read even a Republican could plow right through it. (I'm about halfway through after only three days of reading it on the train.)

You can get Wait! Don't Move To Canada! at and Barnes & Noble. Also, please go to Liberal Oasis to find out when Bill's book tour will be coming to your neck of the woods.

I got my copy and I strongly recommend that you get yours too!