Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gun-Toting Candidate in Search of Clock Tower

I'm not sure where I originally stumbled across this web ad but the disturbing thing is that I found it.

I believe I was doing some research on the West Virginia Senate race when I wandered over to the Huntington News -- from Huntington, WV -- and what do I see prominently plastered on the front page of their web site, but the ad shown on the left. I thought it was a joke at first but it is indeed for Republican Senate nominee John Raese and clicking on the ad takes you straight to his campaign web site.

This is the guy who wants to unseat eight-term incumbent Senator Robert Byrd and he's going to do it with an ad that makes me think many things…

Maybe it's that behind those gleaming eyes I just know he's thinking "I'm gonna go to Washington, DC and shoot me some liberals!"

Or maybe he's hoping he can get Byrd into a heated debate in front of a live audience and trick him with the old Warner Brothers "rabbit season-duck season" routine. (Sound file here to take you back to your childhood.)


[Insert your own NRA joke here]