Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sherrod Brown's Response to Bush's Radio Address

Democratic Congressman Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who is running to replace Mike DeWine (R-OH) in the United States Senate, delivered the Democratic response to George W. Bush’s national radio address today, marking the fifth anniversary of September 11.

An excerpt:
We ask our grandmothers to take their shoes off at airports, yet only 6 percent of the cargo entering our ports is inspected. Our borders remain open. Our chemical and nuclear plants remain vulnerable. Our courageous first responders lack the right equipment and sufficient resources, and not enough has been done to protect our rails, and our roads, and our metro systems.

These are serious matters of national security, and they demand a serious response. Unfortunately, at the White House and in Congress, all we see is inaction and delay.

The most glaring example is what’s happened to the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission. Two years ago, this commission – with equal numbers of respected Republicans and respected Democrats – announced a number of common-sense steps the government could take to protect Americans from another attack. Some were haphazardly implemented by Republicans in Congress. Many others were completely ignored.

It’s unacceptable that this Republican government hasn’t done at all it can to protect Americans in the five years since the September 11th attacks. That’s why Democrats are pushing for a new direction. We have a plan to give Americans the real security they deserve... And it starts by charting a new course in Iraq.
Here's the full audio

You can go here to read the full text of Congressman Brown's excellent response.