Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reid Slaps Bush on National Security

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's office is staying busy during the election-period recess and seems to crank out a rapid response to everything stupid that's said and done by the Republicans -- and it's no easy task to keep up with that.

Here's Reid with a great response to comments made by George W. Bush yesterday about national security:
"Instead of ranting and raving every day on the campaign trail, President Bush should spend more time on the trail of Osama bin Laden. The American people are tired of the President’s empty tough talk. They want leaders who are tough and smart. The President and his Republican Congress have no credibility left, and it’s time for a new direction."
The day before, Reid said this:
"President Bush is no longer credible with the American people, no matter how many campaign speeches he gives in the next month. The President won’t listen to the 16 intelligence agencies that say that the war in Iraq has made the threat of terrorism worse. His Secretary of State apparently ignored warnings of an Al Qaeda attack months before September 11. His Republican leader in the Senate thinks America should empower the Taliban terrorists who aided and abetted Osama bin Laden.

"The sad truth is this White House and this Republican-controlled Congress have put our national security at risk. It’s time for a change. The American people expect more than tough talk from their leaders. They expect tough and smart action. Democrats are fighting to take this country in a new direction."
We all need to be saying this to our friends, neighbors and coworkers every day, over and over between now and November 7.