Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Latest Idiotic Hannity Poll

I don't know why I torture myself like this, but I occasionally slum it on over to Sean Hannity's web site to see what's on the mind of one of the real dim lights in the right-wing sky and his "polls" are always a source of amusement. The latest of his heads-GOP-wins-tails-Democrats-lose polls is the one shown here that has him asking about a military draft and whether those meanies in the Democratic party will reinstate it.

I'm sure what will be lost on his troglodytic following is that, whatever Democrats propose, it will be because, starting in January, they'll be in the unenviable position of cleaning up after years of Republican corruption and mismanagement -- and at times the best solutions may not be pretty. George W. Bush and the Republican party have promoted a war that has depleted our military and is characterized by a stop-loss program that has the majority of our troops on multiple tours of duty in Iraq.

Based on how the GOP has royally screwed the military over the last four years, Democrats will need to start finding viable solutions -- you know, kind of like having to get your goofy brother, who just can't help but be a screw-up, out of trouble all the time.

What's also interesting -- and pretty routine for Hannity -- is that the third possible response to this poll is for his silly fans to say that the Democratic Congress keeps surprising them "and not in a good way."

Which is amazing, given that the Democratic Congress can't even do anything until January.

And now, back to reality…