Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Bipartisan Myth: Democrats Won 35-0

Check out my main man, Cenk Uygur, who knocks the cover off this nonsense that the results of the midterm elections represent Americans crying out for more bipartisanship in Washington. Cenk accurately points out that both parties didn’t come out on top -- Democrats did.

An excerpt:
But the real proof is in the numbers. Twenty-nine House seats and six Senate seats changed from Republican to Democrat. None changed from Democrat to Republican. Not one.

That's not bipartisanship. That's a 35-0 blowout.

The American people spoke loud and clear - we want to go in the direction of the Democrats. There were no mixed messages about the Democrats going halfway to meet the Republicans. If anyone has to move towards the middle it is clearly the Republicans.

I don't want to see one more "news" story about how the Democrats should move toward the Republicans or meet them halfway because that's what "people" want. What people? The voters were clear and that is not what they said.
Please go to The Huffington Post to read the rest of the column.

Of course, I could not agree with Cenk more. The American people voted overwhelming for Democrats and our vision for how things should be run, and not for even a shred of the knuckleheaded, dishonest, rubber-stamping we've seen out of the Republican Congress.

They voted for a new day, not a half-and-half day.