Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lying Never Out of Style for White House Spokesmen

Here's Bush Press Secretary Tony Snow at yesterday's press briefing as NBC's David Gregory quotes to him directly from the Iraq Study Group report:
Gregory: "'Stay the course' is no longer viable."

Snow: Okay, stop -- no, no, stop.

Gregory: But --

Snow: No, no, I just want to address them in their order, and I'm going to forget, so I'd rather just let you do it one at a time.

Gregory: It's kind of a totality question, though. How you can hear these things and not conclude that it's rejection of the President's policy?

Snow: Well, number one, "stay the course" is not the policy. And you know the President has been saying that for months. And if you take a look, what they're talking is moving from so-called "stay the course," it is what? It is this, it is working on a process where the United States works as aggressively as possible to hand over governing responsibilities to the Iraqis, which is precisely what's going on.
"'Stay the course' is not the policy," huh? At least Snow is backing away from the blatant lie of saying that "stay the course" was never the policy. That's probably because he's gotten sick of being quickly embarrassed by YouTube as follows:

So, where did we ever get the idea that Bush was a "stay the course" guy?