Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fox News Anchors Must Only Watch Fox News

If you either have a strong stomach or have not just eaten, take a look at this garbage:

How could Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson be so incredibly un-American and downright stupid within one, 15-second time span? First, she calls Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) a “hostile enemy” of the United States because he doesn’t want more U.S. troops to die for nothing in Iraq.

She follows that up by out-and-out lying -- unless she really is this dumb -- and says that "a lot of Democrats are not coming to his [Kennedy's] side" on Kennedy's belief that George W. Bush should have to get Congressional approval before escalating the war in Iraq and that it's "obviously not going to be an easy sell on Capitol Hill."

Really, Gretchen? Where do you get your information -- Fox News?

Even her guest, White House counselor Dan Bartlett, wasn't buying it.

Just when you think Fox News can't find a new way to go low…