Friday, January 05, 2007

Obama Podcast: Troop Surge "Makes Absolutely No Sense"

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) does periodic podcasts from his web site and his latest, released Wednesday, is well worth a listen as he discusses his thoughts on the conduct of the Iraq war and the ludicrous plan expected from George W. Bush to escalate our involvement in the Iraqi civil war.

An excerpt:
"I have to say that it is a chilling prospect, the notion that we would send tens of thousands of additional American young men and women to compound the tragic mistake that has already been made over the last four years.

"… In the face of this quagmire, the notion that we would put tens of thousands more young Americans in harm's way without changing our fundamental strategy, a strategy that's failed by almost every imaginable count , makes absolutely no sense. In escalating the war with a so-called surge of troops, the president would be overriding the express concerns of Generals on the ground, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group and the American people."
Senator Obama is impressive to hear and you can get the full audio file (a bit over seven minutes) at his web site here.