Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Go Figure, An Honest Answer From White House On Fox

Wow, this doesn’t happen often.

I just read the transcript of today's White House Press Briefing with Dana Perino -- filling in for Tony Snow, who is being treated for a recurrence of cancer -- and have a look at what Perino says when asked about the withdrawal of Sam Fox's nomination to be U.S. Ambassador to Belgium:
Q: Another question. What happened to the Sam Fox nomination?

Perino: Sam Fox nomination? Let me -- I've got a couple notes on that. As you saw, we sent up a withdrawal for Sam Fox's nomination. The President believes that Mr. Fox is qualified to serve as ambassador to Belgium. He has a proven record of leadership and a strong willingness to serve our country. He has a long list of accomplishments, including one of them being named the St. Louis Citizen of the Year.

Unfortunately, we received word that because of politics, some members of the Senate would have voted against his nomination, which would have prevented him from serving in this important position. So we are disappointed that they made their decision based upon partisan politics instead of his leadership abilities, and that's why we withdrew the nomination.
So the White House admits that, given George W. Bush's prevailing ethics and morals, a guy who gave $50,000 to a group of proven liars to help them smear a highly-decorated combat Veteran running for the U.S. presidency, is qualified to represent the best of America in a foreign country.

Someone who did what Fox did represents something noble in Bush's book…

At least it was an honest answer… The Fox nomination did indeed truly represent Bush's core values.

Do you think they've told Perino yet that she's not supposed to tell the truth at these briefings?