Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great MoveOn-PSR Ad In Washington Post Today and Physicians for Social Responsibility ran a great full-page ad in the Washington Post today urging Congress to keep a close eye on the White House when it comes to George W. Bush starting a war with Iran.

Here's the ad:

The text says this:
Iran is three times larger than Iraq.

If attacked, it can wreak havoc on oil markets. It can retaliate against Israel or the Gulf States. It can unleash a surge of anger at U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So it’s good news that an American diplomat and an Iranian diplomat could sit down at the same table in Baghdad last weekend.

If we can talk to each other we can resolve our differences short of war.

No one wants a nuclear-armed Iran. But experts agree that attacking Iran will only make things worse and ensure that Iran will one day become a nuclear state.

The American people want diplomacy, not another war. Four out of five Americans favor direct talks with Iran. Congress must step in. Congress must make the White House listen to reason.
Thanks to these two organizations for talking about this while all the attention is on what to do about Bush's Iraq quagmire.