Friday, March 30, 2007

Reid tells Bush “Listen to the American people for a change”

From our friends at we have a nice little clip of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) giving George W. Bush a quick civics lesson and then telling him that, for a real change of pace, he should try listening to what the majority of the American people are telling him.

Here's the words:
“The American people spoke on November 7th saying the direction of the war was wrong, and that we as a Democratic Congress should do something about it and we have. The ball is now in the President’s court. We need to redeploy those troops, and we need, by the year 2008, the 1st of April to have our troops home.

“If the President is unwilling to recognize that there is a separate branch of government that is equal under our constitution to the executive branch of government, then it’s too bad for him. He has to sit down and negotiate with us. He should do that, otherwise he’s going to have to veto this, and he’s the reason that the troops won’t have the supplies that they need.

“President Bush has to understand there’s a new Congress. For six years, he’s ignored Congress. The Republican-dominated House and Senate gave President Bush everything he wanted, and look at the fix we’re in as a country. We have 3,300 dead Americans in Iraq, we have 25,000 wounded, we have a President who didn’t take care of the necessities so that these men and women coming back to America after fighting in Iraq would have proper training to get them well. It simply has been a mismatch from the very beginning.

"So I say to President Bush: Understand that this Congress has done what the American people asked us to do. You listen to the American people for a change.”
Here's the video: