Monday, March 26, 2007

Top Story Today? Anna Nicole!

I'm stuck home sick from work today so I'm a little under the weather and dialing around on the news stations, figuring I can at least use the opportunity to catch up on the news -- and my, oh my, did I pick a bad day to do that. It seems that even though Anna Nicole Smith is deceased and buried, the corporate media's obsession with her story has still not been put to rest.

You would never know from what you see on the television news today that we're at war in two countries, that we just lost five more soldiers in Iraq yesterday or that the U.S. Justice Department is in a total meltdown.

But you would sure know about Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy! Here's what's on the front page of the major television news organizations' -- and I use the term "news" very losely with Fox -- web sites right now:

Ah, but we'll always have C-SPAN, won't we?