Monday, April 02, 2007

Cliff Schecter On Clueless In Kentucky

Hey, take a walk over to my friend Cliff Schecter's site, where he's talking about the horrible state of affairs the people of Kentucky have chosen in the form of two guys named McConnell and Bunning.

Cliff talks about how the two Republican Senators are standing by their man, George W. Bush, in the Alberto Gonzales scandal, including a stunning quote from Dim-Bulb Bunning, who says he doesn't "know enough about the situation (involving the U.S. attorneys)" to have an opinion.

I'm assuming that Bunning, who sleepwalks through his Senate job as if he got hit in the head with too many line drives during his baseball career, is probably still gathering facts on how he feels about our first moon landing in 1969.

Please go see Cliff for more.