Friday, April 27, 2007

Mike Lux Says "Thanks, Harry"

Mike Lux, a fellow Nebraska native and the CEO of political consulting firm, Progressive Strategies, has an outstanding column in the Huffington Post in which he articulates what a lot of us are feeling about the ridiculous attacks coming at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid because Reid has had the balls to speak the truth about the Iraq war.

Here's Mike writing about what the "insiders" with their tired, old conventional wisdom just don’t understand:
Voters in the real world actually like honesty and bluntness, and are sickened into death with carefully crafted, thoroughly-focused grouped talking points

Voters in the real world want Democrats to stand up to Bush's insanity and lies, and not back down

Voters in the real world hate this damned Iraq war

So thank you, Harry Reid, for getting it. Congratulations. And don't let all the whiny purveyors of establishment "wisdom" who are freaking out because they have no clue about the new world they are living in, worry you. Their time is over.
Mike's piece makes the point that needs to be made over and over: Harry Reid is showing tremendous political courage and if that's no longer appreciated in our politics, we're in more trouble than even George W. Bush has caused for us. You can read the rest at The Huffington Post.