Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reid Sets Record Straight On Supplemental Timing

With all the hysterics coming from the White House and Congressional Republicans on how unacceptably long it is allegedly taking for Congress to respond to George W. Bush's Iraq-funding request, you would never know that…

a) Unless Bush holds things up, the supplemental funding is on pace to be done
faster than it was in the previous, Republican Congress, and…

b) That the troops are not about to run out of money any day now, as the GOP keeps lying/suggesting.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) slapped them down on the Senate floor yesterday:

We know the President has indicated he needs the money right away, but even last year, when the Republicans were in charge, we finished the supplemental bill in June and there were no complaints at that time.

We have had a statement from the Congressional Research Service that the money will last until sometime in July. Even the Pentagon itself has indicated the money will last until around the first part of June. So we are going to do the very best we can to complete this as quickly as possible. We know it is important, and we will move forward as expeditiously as possible.
In other words, shut the hell up.