Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Spin Zone: “Welcome Back Bob. Now, STFU”

Our friends at the All Spin Zone remind us today that George W. Bush's frat-boy arrogance knows no bounds and we saw another example of it yesterday when Bush publicly welcomed back ABC News reporter Bob Woodruff, who suffered a near-fatal brain injury while reporting in Iraq, only to slap Woodruff down later when he had the nerve to ask King George a question he didn’t like.

According to NPR reporter David Greene, Woodruff asked Bush about "…whether the government was moving fast enough to help [military] families" and Bush refused to answer, saying to Woodruff “just because I recognized you, Bob, doesn’t mean I’m going to answer your questions here.”

In other words, according to Richard Blair at All Spin Zone, “Thanks for being here as a prop for me, Bob, now shut the fuck up.”

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