Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Overnight Iraq Debate: By The Numbers

The last 24 hours have been a wild ride in the United States Senate with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) forcing the Republicans to stand before the American people and openly explain why they believe it's a good idea to keep U.S. troops in Iraq indefinitely. While Republicans managed to again block a Democratic measure to end the war -- this time, the Levin-Reed amendment -- the outpouring of support for the extended and up-front dialog has been amazing.

I have some numbers to help quantify that for you, along with some sad figures that show the true cost of Republicans caring too much about George W. Bush's legacy and not enough about the troops or national security.

Support across the country for changing course in Iraq
  • 59,603 - Faxes (and still counting) sent to Senators in support of Levin-Reed Amendment
  • 10 – Iraq Veterans who spent the day lobbying Senators for a change of course in Iraq.
  • 155 - Events held around the country hosted by Americans Against Escalation,, and the “Iraq Summer Campaign” in support of changing course in Iraq. [Americans Against Escalation in Iraq Memo, 7/18/07]
  • 450 – People who attended a Call to Action by Candlelight in Upper Senate Park.
  • 21 – Democratic Senators who attended a Call to Action by Candlelight in Upper Senate Park.
  • 57 – Democratic House members who attended Call to Action by Candlelight in Upper Senate Park.
  • 33 – Democratic Senators who spoke on the floor in favor of a change of course in Iraq. [Senate Floor Proceedings, 7/17/07, 7/18/07]
  • 2 – New Senators to vote for a change of course in Iraq. [Senate Vote 252, HR 1585, 7/18/07]
Costs of war in Iraq continue to rise
  • 168 - Iraqis reported killed on July 17. [, 7/17/07]
  • 86 – Iraqis reported wounded on July 17. [, 7/17/07]
  • $322 Million – Amount of taxpayer dollars spent in Iraq on July 17. [CRS, 6/28/07]
Grand Obstruction Party blocks efforts to change course in Iraq
  • 8 – Number of times Republicans obstructed giving the Levin-Reed amendment a majority vote. [Senate Floor Proceedings, 7/17/07, 7/18/07]
  • 7 – Number of Republican Senators who have recently spoken out against escalation and for redeployment, but who voted against changing course in Iraq. Senate Vote 252, HR 1585, 7/18/07]
I guess we'll hold off on the Desperate Buzzphrase Count, showing how many times Republicans took to the floor and said "cut and run," "precipitous withdrawal," and "retreat and defeat" over the last two days.

The numbers above tell the story just fine.