Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tony "The Weasel" Snow Keeps Dancing Away

It's always hard for me to narrow down which piece of lying Republican spin boils my blood the most but this one is at the top of the list: "We're fighting them there, so we don’t have to fight them here."

They just keep saying it over and over again, hoping that at least 25 percent of Americans will keep believing it.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow got called on it at yesterday's press briefing and he just danced and danced and wiggled and wiggled…
Q: According to what Secretary Chertoff said yesterday, he had this gut feeling that there was going to be a terrorist attack sometime during the summer. And also, according to senior intelligence officials, they told ABC News that there's an al Qaeda cell either coming to the States or already here. That doesn't gel with what we've been repeatedly told, which is that we're fighting them over there so that they will not fight us here.

Snow: Well, Victoria, it doesn't mean that they're not going to try to come here. There have also been cells that have been interrupted here. So, please, we are fighting them there so that they don't come over here. But, on the other hand, that doesn't mean that there are not terrorists that are going to try to find plane tickets, who are going to try to get across the border. Of course, they are.

Q: Why are we told the mantra, then?

Snow: Because it's true. But the fact is -- what you're assuming is either/or -- if we fight in Iraq, nobody is going to try to hop on a plane and come kill Americans? Of course, they are.

Q: But the mantra gives people the impression that if we're fighting them over there, they won't come here.

Snow: We have never tried to argue that -- we have argued, number one, that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror. We have never argued that it's the only front. And we certainly have not argued that Americans should not be vigilant about what's going on here.

Q: Would you agree that it's disingenuous?

Snow: No, it's not.
Snow then slithered out, leaving only a trail of slime behind him.