Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Time… I'm Coming Back

Just as Barack Obama is going to send an e-mail to supporters giving them a brief heads up on his Vice Presidential nomination before the rest of the world finds out tomorrow, I sent people on my private mailing list a note yesterday telling them that the 11-month hiatus is over and I'm coming back. (Of course, Senator Obama's announcement is just a tad more important than this but I also haven't kept you all in suspense for weeks either.)

The date is set for Tuesday, September 2, following the Labor Day holiday and I'll be back right here while also continuing to write for The Huffington Post and a couple of other large sites.

I have taken 11 months off from blogging and intensely covering the Senate and it's been an interesting time to look at the Progressive blog world almost as an outsider and observe that too often we do exactly the thing we ridicule the Corporate Media for: All covering the same story and same angle in lockstep, with few writers branching out to specialize and consider what else may be going on.

I've missed doing this and am very excited about coming back -- and you can't do this without that excitement and enthusiasm.

I'm not sure the Democratic Senators' press offices will welcome me being back in their faces all the time and I know for damn sure that staffers in Republican offices will not welcome my return. To the GOP office staff I say, tell your bosses to watch what they say on the Senate floor because that boring dude who reads the Congressional Record cover-to-cover, every day is coming back.

To all of you, I say thank you for both your readership and your friendship.

It will be good to be back with you.