Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mainstream Press Starts Calling McCain On Lies

This isn’t news to any of us who have watched Republican Presidential candidate John McCain in public life for any length of time but the mainstream press is finally overdosing on McCain's obvious lies about Barack Obama and they're starting to call the Arizona Senator what he is -- a liar.

The St. Petersburg Times in the Tampa, Florida area will run an editorial tomorrow ripping McCain for what it calls a campaign that's become a "… toxic mix of lies and double-speak."

"This nation is facing real challenges on the economy, health care, jobs and the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," says the editorial. "There are significant differences between how Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain would address them. But McCain's recent campaign ads suggest the most vital issues are whether Obama wanted to teach sex education to kindergarten children and whether he derided the Republican's running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, by talking about lipstick on a pig."

Referring to McCain's repulsive TV ad in which he tries to convince voters that Obama supported legislation to teach five-year-old children about sex -- when in fact it was about teaching young kids to protect themselves from sexual predators -- the paper says that for the McCain-Palin ticket "…this responsible legislation becomes fodder for a grotesque distortion as a way to instill fear in voters."

Please go here to read the entire editorial.