Monday, September 15, 2008

More Alaskans Show Up To Protest Palin Than To Applaud Her

I don’t think this is such a huge deal but it was interesting reading over the weekend to see that on Saturday many more people showed up in Anchorage to protest Sarah Palin's policies and vice presidential nomination than did to cheer her at a going-away rally that same day.

According to KTUU-TV, "the crowd of demonstrators cheering and chanting at the [anti-Palin] rally numbered more than a thousand at its peak," while only "hundreds of Palin supporters showed up to see the governor at her own farewell rally Saturday morning."

"She's so unbelievably inexperienced and she's a heartbeat away from the presidency," said Sondra Tompkins, who has usually voted Republican but says she will not support John McCain with Palin on the ticket.

Joining a small crowd of people supporting Palin at the protest was a real deep-thinking GOP voter, Evelyn Aslou, who listed her primary qualifications to be president and vice president as being a military Veteran and a Mom, respectively.

"I identify with her as a mom," Aslou said. "Of course McCain, what else can you say, he is a war hero."

Damn. I'm a Veteran and a parent and only wish someone had told my wife and me sooner that we were so qualified to lead the country.