Thursday, October 16, 2008

CBS Poll: Obama Wins - Big

A CBS News/Knowledge Networks poll taken immediately after the final presidential debate Wednesday night shows that Barack Obama once again thrashed John "Obama-is-a Terrorist" McCain by a substantial margin.

In the national survey of uncommitted voters, 53 percent said that Obama was the winner of the debate while only 22 percent thought McCain prevailed. Twenty-four percent thought the debate was a tie.

On health care, 68 percent said after the debate that they thought Obama would handle the issue better -- only 30 percent said the same about McCain.

Poll respondents also trust Obama more on the economy with post-debate results showing that 65 percent of uncommitted voters believe the Democratic nominee will make the right decisions on the economy.

And tonight, folks, makes it four-for-four for the Obama-Biden ticket in this year's debates.

On to November 4th.