Thursday, October 23, 2008

The RNC's Terrorist-Obama Mailer

In an attacking mailer that Obama-Biden campaign manager David Plouffe calls "truly vile," The Republican National Committee (RNC) is plumbing new, slimy depths in trying to scare the crap out of American voters as their last hope of winning this election. The RNC is sending out a piece of truly junk mail with "Terrorists" emblazoned across the front and that opens to a picture of Barack Obama saying "Not Who You Think He Is."

Here's the sludge in question:

As a part of 'Veterans for Kerry' in 2004, I thought it would be extremely difficult for anyone to out-slime the Swift Boat Liars, but somehow McCain, who once joked that he would run a "respectful campaign" this year, is pulling out all the stops to do exactly that.

What's next? I'm guessing next week we'll see the RNC produce a Photoshopped picture of Obama hugging Willie Horton.