Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Campaign, Another Terrorist - Same Old Saxby

There are some things you can always count on in life -- like death, taxes and Saxby Chambliss being promoted by the absolute lowest television ads smearing his Democratic opponent.

The latest piece of sludge -- this time offered by the National Republican Trust PAC (GOPtrust) in the Georgia Senate run-off election -- is one that subtly, but very noticeably, places a picture of everyone's favorite 9-11 terrorist, Mohammed Atta, front and center in an ad ripping Democratic candidate Jim Martin and his support for President-elect Barack Obama.

Have a look and pay attention to the center driver's license about 10 seconds in when the narrator ominously says that Obama will "…give 12 million illegal aliens citizenship, Social Security, even driver’s licenses."

Did you spot this guy?

How could you not, given that Atta's mug is one of the primary images forever tattooed on our brains after the September 11 terrorist attacks?

And if you believe that out of every stock image of a driver's license GOPtrust could have used, they just happened to pick the one showing one of the most infamous faces in U.S. history, I have a beautiful bridge going from Manhattan to Brooklyn that I can get for you at a sweet price.

It's the same old stuff from the same old Republican playbook: Take the worst images you can come up with -- whether it's Willie Horton, exploding World Trade Center towers or Mohammed Atta -- and associate them with the Democratic candidate in any way you can.

I'm surprised Chambliss and his buddies didn’t use Osama bin Laden and link him to Jim Martin… Oh, wait, they already did that with Max Cleland in 2002.

Will Chambliss do the right thing and tell GOPtrust to pull this ad? Sure he will… And the Brooklyn Bridge will be in your family for generations.