Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did Republicans See The Same Election We Did?

OK, I admit it -- I modified the Stop-the-Liberals web banner the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is using to make it even spookier than they're already trying to make thingsā€¦ The NRSC sent out an e-mail blast on Wednesday trying to rally their discouraged flock in support for Saxby Chambliss holding on to his Georgia Senate seat and featuring ultra-conservative Orrin Hatch (R-UT) attempting to -- you guessed it -- make people afraid of Barack Obama.

How did that work out for you guys on November 4th?

And they even threw in some for good measure.

" has already airdropped $217,741 into Georgia's crucial Senate runoff," writes Hatch. "Why? Barack Obama and need Georgia's Senate seat to seize complete control of government."

"And to thank them, their candidate Jim Martin has promised to rubberstamp Obama's far-left agenda... Please donate $25 today to stop the liberals from gaining an unstoppable, filibuster-proof majority for Barack Obama."

Seize complete control of the government?

First of all, just like in 2006, the GOP had their asses handed to them in the Congressional elections last week. Those pesky voters decided that not only did they still want a Democratic Congress, they wanted more Democrats in the House and the Senate.

As for Obama's "far-left agenda," Republicans must be trying to make their lemming-like herd afraid of the majority of their fellow Americans given that Obama wiped John McCain out by over 200 electoral votes and won the popular vote by eight million ballots.

Obama's goals are not a "far-left agenda" but the roadmap that the majority of Americans want for the future.

But rather than live with that mandate from the people, the Republican party resorts to their favorite weapon, and now, the only thing they have left -- fear.