Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wow, the intellectual Right comes out swinging quickly

I'm sure this isn't a world record in Democratic blogging, but I've already attracted my first detractor from the right wing brain trust. "Mister Jinxy" – isn't that cuuuuute? – replied to my column supporting Governor Dean as DNC chairman by saying "You're nuts. Have fun on that sinking ship. 'Aaaaaaarrrrgghgghhhhhh!!!'".


He followed up with this comment on my Bush-in-Europe remarks: " Waaaahhhh. If Bush did something that was objectively in the good interests of the U.S. I'm sure you crybaby libs would still find a way to complain about it. It sucks looking in from the outside of the prom with no date, doesn't it?".

I'm at a loss. How can we liberals hope to prevail with this much intellectual firepower coming at us? I quake at the thought.