Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Let's Make A List Of Bad Democrats – And Check It Twice

As my grandfather used to say “It's the snake you don't see that bites you.”

At least we know where Republicans stand – they don't like us and they're against everything we stand for. Fair enough.

But Democratic organizations, like the Northwest Bronx Democratic Alliance (NBDA), who cross the political Mason-Dixon line, endorse a Republican, while abandoning qualified candidates in their own party, deserve to be shunned.

We Democrats are going through some lean times right now and, when we prevail, we need to remember the actions of groups like the NBDA and hold them accountable.

The NBDA made a well-publicized endorsement of Republican Michael Bloomberg yesterday because, among other vague reasons, the crime rate happened to go down during Bloomberg's tenure as Mayor of New York City.

Very nice. Good to see you guys in the NBDA see the whole playing field.

Has the Northwest Bronx lost any of its people in Iraq? How's the No Child Left Behind program treating you guys over there? I'm guessing you also think that Karl Rove is just peachy as well. Where are you going to fall on the Supreme Court issues in the coming months now that you have forgotten who you are?

Because when you support Republican Bloomberg – who has been fully behind George W. Bush and supports his administration to this day -- you're tossing legitimacy and support right in the direction of the White House and the Republican Congress.

Shame on you.

I don't know what Bloomberg promised your neck of the woods but, given that you've just put yourself in Zell Miller territory, I hope it was worth your integrity and your reputation within our party.

Tough times either bring out your character or the lack of same – and we know what we just saw in the
Northwest Bronx "Democratic" Alliance.