Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Reader Sets My Expectations On Rove

Sometimes people say things you don't like, but that you have to admit might be true.

Reader Jim Crawford of Burlington N.J. sent me a note saying " I'd love to see Rove go down but, if it even gets close, Chimp Boy pardons him."

(I know it's terribly immature, but whenever I hear someone refer to Bush as something like "Chimp Boy" it makes me laugh.)

I started to think "what kind of despotic, self-righteous, arrogant president does Jim think we have?" and then I took another hard slug of my French Roast and woke up a little more.

I'm afraid Jim's probably right... But, man, I hope we at least get to go down that road. At this point, I'd rather see a picture of Karl Rove in handcuffs than Halle Berry in a bikini – and that's saying something.

Hmmmmmm. Let me ponder this a bit more. (Rove pic is fake; Halle, not so much.)