Friday, March 24, 2006

Strong Howard Dean Appearance on CNN

Appearing on CNN’s morning show with the GOP-talking-points-spewing Soledad O’Brien, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean had a very effective appearance. He kept O’Brien from somehow being able to suggest that, despite holding neither the executive branch or either house of Congress, it’s up to Democrats to get us out of the mess Bush has created for our country.

My favorite part was when O’Brien pressed Dean on what the Democratic “plan” is for fixing the Iraq quagmire:
“I can guarantee you that if the Democrats take over, you will not hear talk from us about how we’re going to leave this to the next president. We need to deal with Iraq right now. We need to deal with it in a thoughtful, sensible way and we need to listen to the military, not just talk about listening to the military, which is what the president is doing. This president doesn’t give a darn about what the military tells him and he never has.”
You can see the clip and read more at Brad Blog.