Friday, October 20, 2006

DeWine, GOP Refuse to Pull Smear Ad Against Brown -- Even Though It's Been Proven Wrong

You want to know just how bad the Republican party is? Even after they've been nailed on going with a total lie in a television ad smearing a Democrat, they keep right on doing it. The latest example is an ad run by Mike DeWine and the Republican party in Ohio against Sherrod Brown. I'll let the Cleveland Plain Dealer pick it up from here:
Washington- The Republican Party last night refused to cancel commercials that claim Sherrod Brown was a longtime tax scofflaw - even though the state of Ohio says the ad's claim is untrue.

Brown, the Democrat running against incumbent Mike DeWine, paid the tax bill years ago, soon after receiving a tax lien, according to newly released records from the Brown campaign and authenticated by the state.

But the Republican National Committee, supporting DeWine's reelection bid, is running commercials saying that Brown "didn't pay his unemployment taxes for 13 years."
And they won’t pull those commercials either. Damn the truth and what officials in Ohio say -- that's their story and they're sticking with it!

It's a good thing Brown has an excellent campaign staff, that's been quick on the draw with this ad:

It's also fortunate that Ohio voters will be showing DeWine's scummy butt to the door on November 7.