Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Progressive Schecter Punks Another Republican

I don't think these producers at MSNBC are being fair.

My friend, Cliff Schecter, is part of a new breed of Progressive operatives, writers and pundits. Those of us who consider ourselves part of that group are tired of putting up with crap from these lying, miscreants in the Republican party. You would think that MSNBC would start warning these weak-ass Republicans that they are facing a new era, and many of the people emerging will torch them in a heartbeat when they come on television or radio with their baseless, Republican National Committee talking points.

Says Cliff: "Whether it's terrorists or whether it's your children, the Republicans very simply care more about power then protecting us."

Have a look:

Cliff very clearly agrees with my central philosophy: "No prisoners. No compromise. No more reaching across the damn aisle!"