Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cenk Uygur On Hillary Clinton's Failure To Lead

I live in New York. I've voted for Hillary Clinton twice and believe she has been a good U.S. Senator for our state. I'm far more inclined to want to support her than not.

But with her most recent weak response and failure to show leadership -- this time with regard to General Peter Pace's bigoted comments, calling gay people immoral -- I've just about ruled her out for my support for the Democratic presidential nomination.

My buddy, Cenk Uygur, of Air America's The Young Turks hits the nail on the head with these comments from yesterday's show -- here's Cenk:

All politicians are cautious and that can be OK -- as long as it doesn’t reach the point of being afraid to take a firm stand on almost anything. I'm afraid that's where Senator Clinton is at this point and you can't get people to support you for a major leadership role if your most primitive, gut instinct is to not lead.