Monday, March 05, 2007

Cliff Schecter Recaps Last Week

My friend, the ever-truculent Cliff Schecter, wrote a good piece over the weekend in which he recaps the absurdities from the last week on our national stage. Here's Cliff:
This while that portly pile of gelatinous goo known as our vice president rips Americans off millions with his reach-around friends at Haliburton, George W. Bush and his borderline-retarded daughters never hold an honest job in their lives and the rest of the kleptocracy "slow bleeds" American workers (see the recent threats to block Homeland Security funding by the GOP if we dare give the 43,000 TSA workers bargaining rights)...well I had better stop before I go searching in the street for a random conservative to pummel.
Cliff's never short on fighting words, which is the thing about him that I love most -- please go here to read the rest.

"Portly pile of gelatinous goo known as our vice president" and "reach-around friends at Haliburton" are the rhetorical standards we should all aspire to when dealing with these people.