Friday, October 31, 2008

Hagan Sues Dole Over "Godless" Ad

Democratic Senatorial candidate Kay Hagan has filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina over the disgusting "Godless" ad I've been telling you about today.

The legal action was filed yesterday in Wake County Superior Court after the Dole campaign refused to stop running the ad in which they attack Hagan's religious faith and imply that she does not believe in God.

The lawsuit seeks damages for Dole’s broadcast, and production, of an “intentionally defamatory advertisement” and includes the following contentions in the formal document's "Nature of the Action" section:
  • "The advertisement purposely misstates several fundamental facts about the Plaintiff. The broadcast of this advertisement throughout the state of North Carolina falsely implies that Plaintiff shares the views of an entity that calls itself the Godless Americans PAC."
  • "Defendants intended for these statements to be defamatory and for the average person to interpret the advertisement in a derogatory fashion."
  • "Each airing of the advertisement further injures plaintiff's good name and reputation in the community."
On Thursday, Hagan's communications director, Colleen Flanagan, ripped into Dole and her sleazy campaign.

“Like her time in the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Dole has made her choices here, and that’s her decision. But it’s equally our decision not to allow someone to slander Kay Hagan, impugn her character, her convictions and her faith, without any consequences," she said.

"Elizabeth Dole would love nothing more than to distract from the issues and her record for the last 5 days of the campaign. In filing this suit, we’ve made clear that these kind of despicable tactics will not be tolerated, and our campaign is moving forward with the most important task at hand: defeating Elizabeth Dole, and giving North Carolina’s families a voice in the U.S. Senate that they’ve been sorely missing.”

Amazingly, despite a barrage of scathing editorials from major North Carolina newspapers assailing the horrible tenor of her campaign, Dole stands behind the ad and says they will not remove it from the airwaves.

Which I suppose is no surprise given that Dole has the morals and ethics of the average Republican.

You can see the full text (PDF) of the legal complaint here.