Saturday, August 13, 2005

Republicans Chant "We Don't Care" At Cindy Sheehan

Note: This is an updated and modified post. The original version implied that Cindy Sheehan was present to hear the outrageous chants of the group described below. Thankfully, she was taking a break from Camp Casey and did not have to listen to them. Sadly, other parents of people killed in Iraq were present and did have to endure Gallagher's gang of idiots.

* * * * *

This is why we no longer reach across the damn aisle to these people.

Conservative knucklehead and radio host Mike Gallagher gathered a group of like-minded troglodytes and headed over to the Bush compound in Crawford to harass Cindy Sheehan and her group last night

As the "Camp Casey" protesters sang America The Beautiful or stood quietly, the right-wing group chanted "we don't care," presumably thinking they were screaming at the mother who lost her son, Casey, to Bush's war in Iraq. Mercifully, Ms. Sheehan happened to be taking a rare break at Crawford Peace House
when Gallagher's crew showed up.

Right-wing radio host Mike Gallagher shows what a little, little man he really is.

Cindy will follow the Commander-in-Thief back to Washington in the likely event he does not meet with her in Crawford.

You know what that means: Those of us who live on the East Coast can join her much easier. We need to make plans to do that.