Friday, August 12, 2005

Some Blogs Are Sexy, Some Are Not

You're gonna love this one.

There's a computer security company that allows you to go on their web site, enter the web address of a blog or other web presence, and see how they categorize it -- based presumably on the blog's contents. So I looked up some friends.

My blogging colleagues Trish Wilson and MoxieGrrl may be pretty damn opinionated, but I'm not sure their blogs qualify as porn – but here they are:

Even the Rude Pundit, who manages to write well, while using the harshest of language, is only considered "Adult/Mature Content" or, even better, "Society and Lifestyle."

So what's the Yellow Dog Blog rated? I'm quite the bad dude and all-around lightening rod, right?

That sucks. Web Communications??? But I try so hard.

Well, things are gonna change around here -- dang it.