Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Global Warming = Katrina, Rita And Wilma

No, I’m not about to blame President Bush for Hurricane Wilma.

However, I am going to point the finger at him for ignoring the issue of global warming, which most in the scientific community believes is the direct cause of the number and strength of this year’s hurricanes. Now we have Hurricane Wilma, that overnight went from a middling tropical storm with 70 mph winds to the strongest Category 5 hurricane on record, with winds reaching 175 mph and pressure dropping to an astoundingly-low 882 mb.

Yikes! Another figment of scientists' imaginations.

It was the most rapid wind-strengthening ever recorded in a hurricane, said meteorologist Hugh Cobb of the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

But the best President Bush can say about the Kyoto Treaty – created in 1997 and calling for mandatory reduction of “greenhouse” gases by industrial nations – is a smirking "I read the report put out by the bureaucracy. " The White House has said that there is not enough scientific evidence to blame industrial emissions for global warming.

One wonders how many follow-ups to Katrina, Rita and Wilma will be necessary to make this administration at least look at science, if for nothing else, when it comes to weather events.