Monday, December 12, 2005

Agreement: Iraqis Don't Want Us There, Americans Don't Want To Be There

OK, it's beating a very dead horse to talk about how the Iraqi people didn't exactly welcome us into their country with flowers and party favors, but we're seeing more and more proof lately that they just flat-out want us to leave.

An ABC News poll taken in October and November shows that half of Iraqis say America's invasion of Iraq was wrong -- up from 39 percent in February 2004 – and over two-thirds now oppose the presence of U.S. troops in their country.

Only 44 percent say Iraq is better off now than it was before the war. That number is astounding given that one can easily infer that most Iraqis would take back a murderous thug like Saddam Hussein and his secular dictatorship, versus the war-ravaged country and emerging Islamic republic that we have installed.

Between that, and the fact that the vast majority of Americans are no longer in favor of this war – and most now believe we never should have gone to begin with – I can't think of a better time for us to start getting out.

Right-wing political hacks call it "cutting and running" but, to those of us not in the pockets of the Defense industry, it sounds like the event is over and our hosts are asking us to leave.